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Ignition - The window of performance for most electronic ignitions is 12 to 16 volts, with performance advantages at the higher voltage. A fully charged battery is only 12.6V, and it goes down hill from there. With a Powermaster alternator, your system voltage goes to a constant 14.9V. This assure peak performance.

Fuel pumps and other electrical devices need 12 volts at all times for maximum performance.

Consistency - Using a battery charger instead of an alternator is a variable. Running a Powermaster alternator will keep the battery fully charged and predictable.

Convenience - Sizing the alternator (amps) to the load will eliminate the need for the battery charger.

Tech Tip
One wire alternators should NOT be "switched" , or isolated from the battery. This causes severe internal spikes in the alternator, which could cause damage. We do not recommend switching alternators on/ off while the engine is running. However, if your application requires this, we can custom build alternators that are safely switchable.

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